Somerset House in the United Kingdom
Somerset House in the United Kingdom

Somerset House In The U.K. Is Georgian Architecture At It's Finest

I took a solo trip to London eight years ago. It was my first trip abroad and by myself. I felt good about the trip because I was able to spend time seeing what I wanted to see on my own time.
My entire trip was based on exploring all of the Georgian architecture London had to offer. First stop was Somerset House. The space was a majestic sight for all eyes that encountered it. It was early in the morning and I was one of the first tourist to step foot in the house. I felt like I owned the place.
I worked my way through each room. There was artwork all throughout. The house was huge so I knew a few hours out of my day would be spent learning about the architecture.
Every area of the house was detailed beyond comprehension. I had so many question I needed a tour guide to help me understand all of the hidden facts and history. It was a great idea.
The tour guide explained how it took two decades to build the house. The salary was around £2,000 p.a to design and construct. The house also overlooks a river. Building something of this nature in present day would be well over a million dollars. Some of the history was unbelievable. We certainly live in a different time.
I spent about three hours touring the inside and the exterior of Somerset House. The walking grounds were spread across acres of land. I barely covered all of the land the house sat on.
“First stop was Somerset House. ”
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