No. Just... no.
No. Just... no.

Stop putting your dogs in dog clothes! It's stupid!



I'm about to seriously rant, here. Why are people putting their dogs in dog clothes? How has this trend not died, but instead, picked UP steam?! How did the owner even get this dog to wear all of this? I'd feel bad for this dog, but honestly, he looks cooler than I ever will & I'm mad about it.
Dog shoes?

Could be practical

I can see the practicality in dog shoes ONLY if you live someplace like me, where it snows or rains a lot. But that's it. If you live someplace warm and sunny, why would you do this to your dog? It's humiliating, plus, they have a hard time walking in them. Why make it harder for them?
What is this even?

What is this?

Seriously. What is this? Is this supposed to be a "Wolf man" costume, because that's all I can come up with. It's making me a little angry just looking at it. It's not cute.

Why is this dog in PJs?

And why is this dog in pajamas?? There's a hood and everything. This is completely unnecessary. No dog needs to wear PJs, they have fur, and if their cold, they'll come snuggle with you. How can a dog even sit through this torture of putting their little legs and paws through the sleeves. There are four sleeves! You better have a super docile dog to do this, otherwise, you're gonna get bit.
This is funny

Dis funny...

I'll admit, this one made me laugh. But look at this poor pug's face-- he looks so sad! Maybe I'm just projecting, but he looks super embarrassed. Can dogs feel shame, because that's it.
Mr. T!

Mr. T!

This is the one I actually dig. It's Mr. T dog! This dog looks chill AF. I'd hang with this pug, but you know I wouldn't dress him up. Poor guy.


This dog looks like that SNL character "Gilly". You know, the one Kristen Wiig plays and says "Sorry" all the time. Super funny sketch, but I hate this dog right now.
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