Taos, New Mexico USA
Flea Markets & Antiques
Taos, New Mexico USA

Taos Markets And Trade Days

Bunches of peppers are common in New Mexico it seems.

Farmers Market

The farmers market of course has produce and other foodstuffs, but it can also have artists and artisans worth checking out as well.
Handmade goods abound.

Handmade Goods

Handmade goods and art pieces are common, especially during the various outdoor art and craft fairs.
Tents are always a good sign.

Cozy Feeling

Much of the festival is concentrated in a small area.
Fantastic poster

Taos Trade Days

Far as I know, this hasn't happened again since 2016. I hope they bring it back, as it was a great experience and excuse to visit Taos for a few days.
Taos is worth a visit even without an event in mind.

Local Natives

The local native American pueblo is absolutely worth a visit. You can also pick up various goods made by the tribe.
Taos has great art fairs.

Textile Goods

Fabrics, yarns, and other textile goods are common at the various art fairs.
Live music isn't uncommon.

Family Fun

Taos is worth a visit for the location alone, and the various cultural festivals make for a varied experience depending on the time of the year.
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