This thigh tattoo for women is insane!
This thigh tattoo for women is insane!

Tattoos for women usually consist of more delicate designs.

Gentle reminder to breathe.

Tattoos for women

I'd like to get a new tattoo so I was googling "tattoos for women" which feels sexist, but I was mainly looking for more delicate tattoo designs. I found a few options which are in the following photos. Maybe people could vote? I'm getting my friends' and husband's input, too.
Stay strong

Stay strong

Being a mom is a really important job; it's also incredibly hard. There are so many moments when you have no idea what you're doing, but you can't tell your kids that! No one tells you that every one is just making it up as they go along. That's why I like this one a lot. It's a reminder.
Heartbeat tattoo


I like the connection from faith to heartbeat to heart here. It's so simple and yet has such a profound message. I'm not too religious, but I still see how beautiful this tattoo is.
Leg tattoo or is it???

An intense leg tattoo

I know that this is real, but it looks like such an optical illusion! These tattoos equally stun me and creep me out. I wouldn't actually get this tattoo, but I wanted to showcase the pure ingenuity of it. It looks like a carved, wooden leg. The art work here makes me speechless. I honestly wonder who thought up to do this kind of tattoo? Was it by accident? Amazing work, but not for me.
Faith tattoo

Faith tattoo

Again, not so big on faith as I am the font used here. I think mine would say "strength" or "Ultreya" which means "go forth with courage". Really beautiful font!
What a cool idea!


This tattoo is so clever and delicate! I love the idea of a soft feather like this turning into birds that are flying away. It's so simple and so beautiful. Love it!
Love birds tattoo.

Love birds

Gosh, I love this little tattoo. I wonder if I can convince my hubby, Bill, to get a matching one? It's not masculine, so he could hide it somewhere... I'm going for it!
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