Picture of the nuclear bomb attack
Picture of the nuclear bomb attack

The Atomic bombings ended WWII but they started something much scarier.

I've always been fascinated with atomic bombings; I don't mean that in a morbidly grotesque way, but in the way that I don't understand how someone could do that. I know that it was a surprise discovery by German scientists.
When Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the Manhattan project people should have stopped him. I know that it was in response to a nuclear arms race, I wasn't there, so I can't presume to understand, but still. When the tested it in 1945, it ushered in the Atomic Age. How do you order something of that nature to be built?
How do you build it knowing what it's for? How do you press the button that releases the terror that will end the lives of millions? I can't fathom it.
This is the part of history I can't understand and it reaches far into ancient times-- How can we let things like religion, race, and/or money divide us to such an extent and create such hatred for one another that we kill each other? How can we kill innocent lives over such a divide. Isn't religion against that? We used an atomic bomb twice.
Both times at the end of World War II. One bomb was released on Hiroshima and another three days later, when Japan wouldn't surrender, on Nagasaki.
"Little Boy" which dropped on Hiroshima killed 80,000 people, while "Big Boy" which dropped on Nagasaki killed 40,000 people on impact. It's a scary world we live in.
“How do you order something of that nature to be built?”
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