Me reading a book I checked out from the library
Me reading a book I checked out from the library

The Best Books Are In The Library And I Love The Smell Of Them

I've been a library book fan since 92'. There's something to taking a walk to a space that is filled with books to help you grow and stay in the know. I borrow a minimum of three books each trip.
I usually grab books that have nothing to do with my career or hobbies. I have a list of books and movies from friends, people I just meet or whatever is on Bill Gates' list of books for the year. I Check them out and try to average reading 60-70 books each year. I'm a bit of a slow reader so my yearly intake is kind of low.
That's compared to avid readers who average over 100 books a year. Although, I could add in the books I read to my daughter which then boosts me to about 100 books a year. Not too bad.
My days at the library are the best. The books are free, the space is quiet and everyone is there with a similar goal. I never feel judged at the library as opposed to a bookstore.
When I check out, it's simply that. When I make my purchase at a bookstore I'm always asked if I want to add anything extra or signup for something I didn't come for, just to receive an extra 30% off. Again not what I signed up for. The library allows you take your time or read where you are if that's your choice.
I'll always support and visit the library. My family just started making yearly donations to out local libraries and donate our old books when we get a chance. It's such a good feeling.
“I'll always support and visit the library. ”
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