A quality luxury pen being used for daily activity
A quality luxury pen being used for daily activity

The Best Luxury Pens For the Everyday Person

When I a child my mother was very particular about handwriting. She always affirmed that handwriting was reflective of a person's character and that good penmanship is a reflection of good character.
I took a multitude of penmanship and calligraphy courses throughout my youth. Although the intense appreciation for penmanship that my mother tried to instill in me didn't last I do still love a luxury pen. When I took my first calligraphy course as a child we were all given our own fountain pens.
As my collection has grown I still hold this pen very dear in my heart. It has a limitless sentimental value that can never be surpassed.
As I've grown older I've ventured more into the world of luxury pens. I'm interested in the best of the best when it comes to luxury pens. Montblanc is the most famous name in luxury pens but I tend to gravitate more toward "indie" brands of high quality pens. My in my collection is from the Pelikan line.
To the average individual a luxury pen seems outdated and unnecessary but I'll tell anyone that listens that it is one of the most useful luxuries anyone can have.
A luxury pen will change your criteria for writing tools. Although I don't equate good handwriting to a better moral foundation, I think a good pen can take you places.
“... good penmanship is a reflection of good character.”
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