A great hall of books
A great hall of books

The best place to find a book is still at your local library.

Reading has been a love of mine since I was three years old. I started reading that early and I haven't stopped since. There are pockets in my life where there just isn't enough time, but I'm working on rectifying that as best I can.
When I was a little kid, all of the adults in my life were reading enthusiasts. I never had a problem with finding someone to take me to the library to find a book. It was such a treat & almost like a holy experience every time I got to walk the aisles full of books as a tot. Sometimes I would pick a stack of books to sit and read on the beanbag chairs.
Usually it was my grandmother who'd sit down on her own bean bag chair and let me read to her. Everyone else let me be for a bit and then we'd check the books out and go home.
Reading let me escape to whole other worlds. Not that I wasn't happy in my own, but books create such imaginations in kids. I'm so glad I had people in my life to foster that imagination and love for reading. As I got older, I would read books well out of my age range but because I was able to comprehend large concepts. I read "Sybil" when I was twelve.
As an adult, I prefer more non-fiction books as I enjoy really learning about new concepts and ideas in our world. I think it's important to always keep learning.
I just read "The Psychopath Test" by Jon Ronson. It's a fascinating non-fiction piece written by a narrative reporter; the best of both worlds. I highly recommend it! Go out today & find a book!
“Reading let me escape to whole other worlds.”
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