The National Bird Museum and Library
The National Bird Museum and Library

The Birds Of America Is Best Bird Book For Young Kids And Adults

I started reading about birds when I was 13 years old. My mother owned 16 birds and would taken even more if we had the room. I learned to appreciate these tiny creatures early on. There is so much more to them that meets the eye.
My favorite bird is the hummingbird. They represent good luck and change. Even until this day I believe seeing a Hummingbird means things are going to change in your life. I own a bird book that is over 5,000 pages long about Hummingbirds. It was a gift from my mother on my twelfth birthday. I finished reading it by the time I was 15 years old.
Also at the age of 15 years old my mother took me to Connecticut to visit the National Bird Museum and Library. It was a very long trip as we drove from Indiana in our old Volvo.
The museum was the largest building I'd ever seen in my life. There were bird statues everywhere. Some I could identify and some were completely foreign. In due time I would learn about them all. My mom and I went inside of the museum first. We didn't bother with a tour guide because mom knew it all. Any questions I had I wrote them down for later.
I saved my questions for the library section because I loved looking up things I didn't know the answers too. It always made me feel smart. That's when I saw The Birds of America.
This book contained just as much information as the library itself. I didn't complete reading the book that day, but I take trips from time to time to complete chapters each year.
“ I learned to appreciate these tiny creatures early on.”
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