The Women's March 2017
The Women's March 2017

The Civil Rights Movement Through the Youth

My youngest daughter is incredibly politically aware and politically active. As a young adult I was very politically active. I wanted to change the world one march at a time and now my spirit lives on through my daughter.
My daughter and all of her friends inspire me. I grew up in a politically turbulent time and the political state of America at that time inspired me to care about someone other than myself. At my daughters age I was constantly at protests, fundraising, and reading political literature so that I could have well informed opinions and wise practices.
My daughter has shown such an immense concern for others. Her political praxis extends to others in such an elegant and thoughtful way. I love the optimism she has for the world.
I think it's important to remain teachable even as a parent. I was very uncomfortable letting my daughter attend protests despite my past. I explicitly forbid her from going because I thought they would be too dangerous for her to attend. After my daughter sat me down and explained how important these demonstrations were to her I compromised.
I told my daughter that she could attend one of these marches if I accompanied her. together we went to the women's march in Portland. Since then, my daughter's network has grown.
My daughter has marched in demonstrations for Black Lives Matter, women's rights, protection of native land, and lgbtq rights. I'm very proud of my daughter. She's making history.
“I was very uncomfortable letting my daughter attend protests”
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