Crank and chain of a bicycle
Crank and chain of a bicycle

The differences between women's bicycles/men's bicycles are ever so slight

If you're not someone who pays attention to the details you'll never get it. I got lucky to know the differences. I rode a men's bike for 20 miles before knowing the difference.
We all know men and women are built differently. When it comes to bicycles the same rule applies. The focus is mostly on geometry of the bike's frame and the areas your body comes in contact with. The differences aren't obvious, but once you spend a while in the saddle your body will be able to tell.
I found this out first hand when I did a 20 mile ride with my cousin Jay. I didn't have a Bike of my own so Jay loaned me one of his. He isn't much taller than me so I assumed the size f bike didn't matter. What I did notice was how wide the handle bars were. A women's bike is much more narrow.
My shoulders started to hurt a bit about halfway through the ride, but I still kept going. The next thing I noticed was how the top tube of the frame was very long.
Most women have shorter torsos making the top tube shorter and easier to reach. By the end of the ride I was exhausted.
“We all know that men and women are built differently.”
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