Little League Tee Ball
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Little League Tee Ball

The girls are starting Little League Tee Ball!!!

So cute!

Batting practice

I think all of our hours playing in the batting cages will pay off-- look how cute! She's going to have such a great swing.

Running bases

We've had several practice games so far, and I'm loving watching the kids learn and play and grow.

At bat

My excitement keeps growing. She's going to be great! Our time at the batting cages I think will pay off big. She already swings like a pro.
tee ball

The kiddos are too cute

All of the kiddos are becoming fast friends with each other-- whether they're on the same team or not. It's beautiful (yes, I'm about to be sappy) to see kids be so inclusive and kind and patient with one another. I just pray that they hold on to those qualities throughout their lives. I've spoken with the other parents and we all agree-- they're just too sweet. Can't wait to host some sleep overs!


The coaches are really sweet with the kids. Very encouraging! It helps that they also have kids in the league, so they understand how we all feel about the kids connecting.
too cute


How cute is this team?? "A League of Their Own" was such an inspiration for me as a kiddo. I hope it'll be inspirational for these kids, too.

The bench

I'm looking forward to years of this-- friendship, teamwork, and skill building! I think the girls have some life-long friends, here. Can't wait to watch them play in the years to come.
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