The F train
The F train

The horrors on the F train during a routine visit to New York City.

It happened on a routine trip to visit my best friend who lives in Manhattan. It was maybe a decade ago? She still had to work a few days during this particular trip, which was fine by me. I enjoyed exploring the city by myself.
I love the grittiness of the streets in each of the boroughs. I could get lost for hours in Astoria. This trip, I decided to take the F train from Manhattan to Queens to do a little exploring, shopping, and eat some amazing food (there's always amazing food in New York). I'd taken the F train a million times before, so I knew how the subways worked.
When we were about five minutes into the ride, the lights started to flicker more than usual. I looked around and no one seemed too phased, so I decided it was fine.
The train started to slow and then it stopped altogether. We weren't at another stop, so I was curious. I looked out the window into the dark underground & saw nothing in either direction. The lights in the cars went out. We were in total darkness, save for a few lights on the tracks outside the windows. It was already muggy in the car, which got worse.
A few kids started to cry and them scream. We were stuck. The train wasn't moving. It was dark, and hot, and sweaty, and children were screaming at the top of their lungs.
We sat this way for about 30 minutes until the train started moving again. Everyone cheered like they'd never cheered before. I decided that I'd be taking taxis the rest of my trip this time.
“A few kids started to cry and them scream. We were stuck.”
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