Me riding in the rain on my hybrid bike
Me riding in the rain on my hybrid bike

The Hybrid Bike Is The Bike You Didn't Know You Needed Until You Borrow One

Hybrid bikes are incredible bikes. They give you the best of both worlds. The tires are wide enough to get you through some rocky roads, but thin enough to give you some speed.
I was a little doubtful of the hybrid when it made it's debut, later found that it made perfect sense. My first ride on a hybrid bike was on a Sunday morning beach ride. I was to meet with friends at Santa Monica Beach at 9:30 AM for a fun day ride. When I woke up that morning it was already 8:45 AM. I was late and far away.
I knew I wasn't going to make it on time. I had to make a very tough decision. Either I was going to ride as fast as I could and be thirty mins late. My other option, rent a bike.
I of course took the later and decided on renting a bike. I hopped in an Uber car and made my way west. When I got there my friends were anxious and ready to go. I was anxious too.
The bike rental stand was filled with bikes. I had the choice between choosing a beach cruiser or a hybrid bike. My personal bike is a road bike so of course I chose the most familiar. The hybrid looked heavy and like a lot of work. I found out after a few mile that it was light weight, durable and a smooth ride. I was surprised
I rode about 15 miles with my friends and had such a pleasant ride. I felt bad for having judged the bike so harshly without having given it a go. Never judge a bike by its frame.
“Never judge a bike by its frame.”
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