My Grandparents' mantel clock
My Grandparents' mantel clock

The mantel clock from my Grandparents' house tells a timeless love story.

My favorite thing inside of my Grandparents' house was the mantel clock they kept above their fireplace. I'm not even entirely sure why I loved it so much; there isn't some fancy memory surrounding it that would make it my favorite thing.
Maybe it's presence there was a comforting thing? It was there for every Christmas, when we'd gather in front of the tree which was in the living room by the fire place. Don't worry, it wasn't so close to the fire place that it would be a burn hazard! It was there when I'd spend the weekends there during summer vacation and we'd play rummy.
I would hear the quiet ticking of the second hand as it went around the face of the clock, counting the minutes as time passed and I was sent to bed by 9pm.
It was a beautiful, hand-made mantel clock that my Grandfather had bought my Grandma as a wedding gift when they got married. How sweet is that? He bought her a gift, because he was so excited to spend the rest of his life with her. He said it was a symbol of how they'd spend the rest of their lives together-- that their relationship was timeless.
I love that. I haven't found love and maybe I won't, but knowing that something so pure existed makes me hopeful that there's still time for me. That clock holds a lot of meaning.
When they both finally passed, I was quick to take the mantel clock. My cousins lived in another state, so I didn't think they'd even notice it gone. It now sits in my living room, ticking away.
“... he was so excited to spend the rest of his life with her”
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