A common meal eaten in the Philippines
A common meal eaten in the Philippines

The Philippine Revolution Resulted In Araw ng Kalayaan Or "Day of Freedom"

Every year I get offered really cool assignments and I feel so fortunate to have my job as a photographer. This year I got the chance to shoot Independence Day in the Philippines.
I learned a great deal on why everyone celebrates on June 12 each year. Most photographers like to capture the party and festive side of the independence day, but I prefer to capture the people and their joy. Ultimately it's the essence of the Philippines and it's people. I love showing the Philippines to the world.
The Philippines is an exotic location where many people like to vacation, but hardly ever learn about what makes the location great. That starts with the people. The people and culture makes the Philippines the travel destination it is. Since my first time shooting their independence day, I've gone back for more.
I've taken my wife and daughter Ella several times to explore and enjoy the country and its simplicity. The photos I take speak for themselves and have won many awards worldwide.
Always remember to shoot the moment rather than what seems appealing to the human eye. The photos will speak volumes.
“I love showing the Philippines to the world.”
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