A simple practice that isn't so simple
A simple practice that isn't so simple

The practice of yoga meditation is allowing me to reconnect with my Self.

I've had to learn how to take a step back and relax. I'm an active person and a very busy person, so calming my body and mind has taken some practice. I expected it to be very easy, but when you're used to always moving, it's not!
I started doing yoga as a way to exercise my body in a different way. I started with hot yoga, because I'm used to being active and a few friends of mine told me to start there, since the poses aren't held for very long periods of time. I liked it alright, but I don't enjoy feeling like I'm going to pass out in a hot, stuffy room where people smell.
So, I've tried other forms of yoga. It's hard! I'm used to running and hiking and lifting weights, so this is an interesting mental challenge. And it IS a mental challenge.
I can't believe I didn't start this practice earlier, as it probably would have been easier for me to glean when I was younger and able to be a bit more nimble in that department. Through this practice, that I'm still learning, I'm learning about yoga meditation. Yoga has focus the mind & body and get you all into an alignment, so it's a perfect start.
Meditation isn't something I've ever been in to. But, I do need to quiet my mind. Yoga meditation is allowing me to breath into my own body and really feel what it's like to live.
It's been a bit of a soul-awakening experience to finally feel like I'm "in" my body. I will continue to explore these practices because I want to be the best person I can be.
“I can't believe I didn't start this practice earlier...”
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