A fine day out with the lads
A fine day out with the lads

The Prehistoric Creatures I Want To Go Back In Time And See In Person

What a big kitty.


The smilodon (or as we commonly call it, the saber toothed tiger), was a big kitty indeed. Apparently these guys were social cats, so they probably had a lot of friends and likely went out for drinks and karaoke after their long days working in the prehistoric office complex. Neat!
Look at that face. What a delightful chap.


Iguanodon is a herbivore of many talents. Not only can she walk around on all fours like most herbivores, she can also stand upright. Iguanodon had large thumb-spikes, which were likely used to defend against predators. It is also hypothesized they were used to give other dinos thumbs ups.
A very long friend.


Arthropleura was a giant millipede, thought to be the largest land invertebrate ever! Regardless of size, I'm sure this plated pal gave great hugs and cuddles. I want one as a pet.
Collect 'em all!


Trilobites were like the Starbucks of the prehistoric ocean. These guys were everywhere, and had an absurd number of species and variations among them. Apparently, many of the trilobite fossils we find today are actually shed exoskeletons. This means that all of these exoskeletons are from the same trilobite! This trilobite must have traveled the Earth multiple times, always changing its look. What a jet-setter.
Thought you guys could fly under the radar forever, eh? I think not.


Also known as the Horseshoe Crab. You may be wondering why these are on this list. Well, it turns out they ARE prehistoric creatures! They're the first to discover time travel technology!
Canadian goose is still scarier.


Quetzalcoatlus (pronounced "Ste-eve") may have been the largest animal to ever fly. That's quite the impressive feat! Nobody tell it airplanes and blimps exist. Let it dream, please.
Those eyes! What a creature!


This thing remains a mystery, even 31 years after its discovery in 1987. We don't even know if we've assembled the skeleton correctly, but that's just part of the intrigue.
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