Soviet all-terrain ingenuity
Soviet all-terrain ingenuity

The Soviet Union Gave Us Some Of The Most Unforgettable Vehicles

Looks like it's from the future no matter what year it is.

Soviet Hydrofoils

Soviet hydrofoils are some very unique looking boats! Just imagine what this would have looked like when it was shiny and new. Seeing this would have made me seriously consider ditching capitalism and seeing just what about communism spurred on such amazing designs and creations!
All-terrain means ALL terrain!

All-Terrain Vehicle

Just look at this thing. They really mean all-terrain with this monster. Snow, dirt, swamp, space goo, it looks like nothing is going to stop this thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it could travel underground like one of those moleman cars from the cartoons. Look at those little headlights.
The Reds' mighty mini blue.

SMZ Cycle-Car

These little lovelies were distributed to disabled USSR citizens, free of charge. They could not be bought by regular citizens and today they are hot collectors' items.
This thing could easily run over an elephant and I wouldn't be surprised.

Soviet Kharkovchanka

The kharkovchanka or "snow tractor" was a vehicle designed with polar exploration in mind. Notably for exploring Antarctica, (which is actually the biggest desert in the world). These things had a top speed of about 20 mph, and could comfortably fit six people. Forget stopping to camp, you could sleep inside of this thing, and it was able to keep itself heated. If I was going to the south pole, I'd go in this.
This thing is downright iconic.

Lunar Lander

The Soviet-designed lunar lander never got to be put to use, which is a shame. On the bright side, it's still here on Earth where we can really appreciate it up close.
Mechta (Russian for

Mechta/Luna 1

The first Soviet lunar rover. Luna 1 was the first spacecraft to reach the moon, but its coordinates were off, making Luna 1 the first man-made object to leave geocentric orbit.
Those cute curtains in the windows.


Another, different all-terrain vehicle design. This one is more modern and looks like it can handle itself on land or sea. No drill wheels though, which is a bit of a shame.
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