Some of the beach waves from our trip
Some of the beach waves from our trip

The SPP-1 Underwater Pistol Did Not Make It Easier To Go Saltwater Fishing

I'm not much of a fisher nor am I into guns. My cousin Sam is into both and loves to share his knowledge of them both to anyone with an open ear. That open ear happened to be mine.
I started to question my cousin's new fishing technique. You know, simple questions like, "Will the fish be blown to smithereens?" He assured me that the fish would be fully intact, but for some reason this whole idea still didn't make sense to me. I let it all go until he invited me on a fishing trip with him. Of course I went.
He's my cousin, how could I say, no? He planned it all out. We took off on a Sunday morning with all of his pistols and ammo. He brought way more than I would imagine one would bring.
It was a two person trip and Sam had enough for at least a small army. I mentioned this to Sam and he just responded saying you can never be too prepared. I tried to smile a little.
I really wanted to bail and spend my Sunday preparing for work instead. So we finally get to Sam's fishing boat. He grabbed all of the gear and we headed out to sea. It was a bumpy ride and then Sam mentioned he forgot to bring the wet suits. He forgot the wet suits and the other scuba gear for us to fish in.
It was classic Sam and his lack of remembering. I was annoyed and then I realized I could get back to making my Sunday more useful then pistol fishing with Sam. I just smiled at Sam.
“ I just smiled at Sam.”
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