Breathtaking shot of The Stairway to Heaven hike
Breathtaking shot of The Stairway to Heaven hike

The Stairway to Heaven: an illegal Oahu hike.

I'd love to get back to Hawaii at some point. The only time I ever went was on my honeymoon to Morty back in 1972. We then had kids and life kind of got away from us, as it does. Plus, it was easier to take a vacation somewhere closer.
When we went for our Honeymoon, it was the most glorious six days and seven nights I had had up until that point. We were able to celebrate being a couple and it was wonderful. Once we had the kids, I often thought about that week we spent together, just us. It definitely saved my sanity at times! We did so much when were were there.
We went snorkeling, laid out on the beaches, ate lots of food, and went on some amazing hikes. My favorite was the Stairway to Heaven, also known as Haiku stairs.
This hike was shut down in 1987 to the public, just a little over a decade after we had been there, due to disrepair and being deemed "unsafe". It's a giant staircase! The views are beautiful, so it was sad to hear that it needed repair so badly, but that it was shut down. There are 3,922 stairs that lead up to the top-- a really good leg workout! Ha!
It was originally built in 1942 by the Navy for a top secret radio transmission facility. How it got turned into such a beautiful place to hike, I do not know.
I'm so happy to be able to look back on those memories with my late husband. It's wonderful to remember him when he was younger and we were so active together as a couple.
“There are 3,922 stairs that lead up to the top...”
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