The guys hanging out while we cook
The guys hanging out while we cook

The Striper Fish Started The Biggest Debate Ever Among My Friends

It was Saturday afternoon and my guy friends just returned back to my place from a short fishing trip. All of the girls were at home prepping to cook what the guys caught.
This was fun for us ladies because we all rejected the idea of actual fishing. W'ell take the job of cooking any way. So the guy brought in the fish. Then things took a turn for the worse. One of my girlfriends, Molly spotted out a fish she thought was poisonous. She backed away from the counter and refused to touch the fish.
I'm not very knowledgeable about the different types of fish, but it was worth the concern of hearing her out. She laid down the facts right away. Molly pointed out the scale pattern and the teeth an a few other characteristics that made this Striper poisonous. The guys immediately dismissed the claim. Then the debate happened.
It was Molly versus the guys. This went on for about two hours. Which means we didn't eat for two hours. Finally after everyone said their parts I looked the fish up online.
The fish turned out to be okay to eat and that's exactly what we did. Apologies and plates were then passed around.
“She laid down the facts right away.”
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