This was the part they forgot to do I guess
This was the part they forgot to do I guess

The time I took a routine flight and the plane leaked jet fuel.

Years ago, I was on a flight from Milwaukee to New York City. It was a normal business trip, something I'd flown a hundred or so times. I was flying first class, had my glass of Chardonnay, and was settling in for a 2.5 hour flight.
I was trying to figure out what to watch on the seat back consul, when I saw the flight attendants get up and start to quickly move back and forth to communicate something to each other. Not many people noticed it, but for those of us who did, we became instantly alarmed. I remember looking around to my fellow passengers and wondering with them.
Not long after, the pilot got on the intercom to tell us that there was a leak in the engine and we were losing our jet fuel. People started to panic. He gently spoke again.
"Please don't be alarmed. There is no need for panic at this time. We will be making an unscheduled stop in Ohio. Please remain seated." This seemed to help some passengers, but there was one guy in coach who had a complete meltdown. I found out that this poor guy was petrified of flying, but his mother was dying, so he needed to fly to New York.
I felt for this guy, I really did, but he was making the panic rise in me, and everyone else around him, quicker than the jet fuel was leaking out of the plane!
We weren't too far from the new destination, so after about 20 minutes, we touched down and refueled. We departed again and didn't have any other complications. Thank god.
“... we were losing our jet fuel. People started to panic.”
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