Vajrasana pose illustrated here
Vajrasana pose illustrated here

The Vajrasana pose is the easiest to get into & the hardest to sustain.

I've never been a giant fan of yoga. I'm more of a long distance runner who can lift some weights to get toned kind of gal. I've never had enough patience to sit in a pose for very long, so yoga has never appealed to me much.
My husband decided we should both be more mindful and present since we have a small toddler (she's two years old) and since we have such busy careers and lives. So, twice a week, he and I sit down and do some yoga poses together. Sometimes we will hit up an actual yoga class, but that's if we can get a sitter in time. Otherwise, we stream videos.
I enjoy the faster variations of yoga, as it is more in alignment with my world view then. But, the whole point of this is for he and I to slow down and connect with ourselves.
Plus, it's like a little date night for us in a weird way. The easiest pose for me to get into, and the hardest to sustain, is the Vajrasana pose. It's just kneeling with your butt resting on the back of your legs and feet. Since I'm a runner, my knees are a bit shot, so it's difficult to hold this position for long periods at a time.
I've heard this pose is hard for most people to hold, but the physical benefits are worth it. The blood circulation in your legs is cut off so it moves to your digestion system.
I have IBS, so it seems like a perfect fit. I just need to get over the mental hump of how uncomfortable it is. That's another benefit though-- mental strength. I know I will be able to do it!
“Plus, it's like a little date night for us in a weird way.”
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