The sentimental value of a cheap watch.
The sentimental value of a cheap watch.

The Value of a Cheap Watch

In our present day we are in a moment of astronomically priced watches. When I was growing up my father wore the same Classic Casio watch every day. He never even aspired to the luxuries of an Audemars Piguet or Bulgari.
I could never understand his satisfaction with such a cheap possession. The men my father hung around collected very expensive watches as a hobby. Their weekend boy's trips, afternoons spent golfing, and family vacations spent together were all punctuated with talks of new releases of renowned watches and their plans to get them.
While my dad would entertain these discussions, when asked if he was going to splurge for one of these luxuries he was adamant about his commitment to his cheap watches.
He would always assert that time is still time on a cheap or expensive watch and could never justify the purchase. He loved the utility of a cheap watch, the durability, and even the aesthetics. As a very superficial teenager I never appreciated this rhetoric of his. Each time he would speak about his preference for cheap watches my eyes would roll.
Now that I'm older and my dad is much older he has begun to pass his things most valuable possessions down to me. These watches that were once dinky to me are now sentimental.
The value of these cheap watches is something that could never be appraised. Instead they have become symbols of the values of my father and lessons he taught me.
“...he was adamant about his commitment to cheap watches.”
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