Things I Would Put on Custom Rubber Stamps

I want a custom rubber stamp for every occasion
I want a custom rubber stamp for every occasion

Updated August 02nd, 2018

I don't know that I have ever really used rubber stamps, but if my life were an ongoing film, there would definitely be scenes that deserved customized rubber stamps. Sometimes, I really have to wonder if there is a not a camera somewhere filming just to see what I am going to do. I admit, I sometimes have trouble reeling my comments back in after they come tumbling from my mouth. I've been in a few situations that could have definitely used custom rubber stamps, to sum up the moment.

custom rubber stamps

The Goulash Discussion at Work

There is a guy who sits in our two-seat break room every day to have his lunch. The woman who sits with him works in purchasing, and the two often have long lunch conversations about everything in the world. Since my office is directly next to the break room, I can hear all of their conversations, especially when my door is closed. If I had rubber stamps, my wall would look like someone unleashed a kindergarten on it.

This week, the guy announced that he had brought leftover goulash for his lunch. The woman immediately started laughing. He didn't get the joke and asked her what was funny. She said that she just laughs every time someone says goulash.

He wanted to know if she had ever had it. Of course, she had, she told him. Her mother makes it once a month by making a one-pot dish from everything that they have in their refrigerator. I wanted the custom rubber stamps that said there was a definite cultural difference happening in the break room.

Original goulash and the dish the guy was referring to on his lunch break is a soup made of meat and vegetables in Central Europe. The primary seasoning in goulash is lots of paprika. This version of goulash originated in Hungary.

In the United States, we approach goulash a little differently. We brown some ground meat, most often beef, and add stewed tomatoes and elbow macaroni pasta. It resembles the commercial Hamburger Helper that most of us devoured as kids.

The goulash the woman in the break room mentioned was literally exactly what she said. People use everything that is in the leftover pile and create a mystery dish. Sometimes, all the leftover flavors go together well and create something savory and delicious.

Other times, the clash is immediate and you end up with something that resembles pig slop. You can digest it easily if you don't ever look at it. There really are no nice rubber stamps to describe it.

Spring Break and a New Appendage

My stepdaughter recently spent her spring break with us, and she brought a friend: her cell phone. I had heard about both her mother and her father talking about the amount of time she spends on the phone, but nothing is like witnessing it up close and personal. Custom stamps that I could have used in this scenario should be warnings to parents everywhere.

We went to pick her up, and she was on the phone the entire time we were on the road coming home. Each time her father asked her to get off the phone, she ignored him. She started raising her voice reminding him that he had already told her this several times, but she was making no efforts to obey her father. I had all the custom rubber stamps ready for this: "disrespectful, hard-headed, lose privileges".

This scene in the car was nothing compared to the rest of the break. She was on the phone while we sat at the dinner table when we took her to the park when we went to visit my brother in Maryland, and even in the shower. If we have to account for how many hours in the say she was attached to that phone, it would be pretty close to 20. She went to sleep with the phone attached to her ear like an appendage, too.

The little girl I had known who was so sage and respectful seemed to have disappeared. In her place, was a teenager who was intent on having her phone at any cost. When my husband and I talked to her mother about it, she admitted that she had had the same problem. She turned my stepdaughter's service off while she was on a break with us.

I got home, almost anticipated good conversation and some fun, but it was me who was in for the surprise. While we were at work, the surly teenager had used our Wi-Fi service to download an app that would let her talk on the phone to anyone in any part of the world. The rubber stamps for this one should say "she, the teenager, had all the control."

Custom Rubber Stamps For the Good Times, Too

love custom rubber stamp

I should say the mental rubber stamps are not always for tense moments when I don't want to lose all social grace. There are some other beautiful moments, too, when ordinary words are not quite enough. There was the time when my mother turned 70, and all of her children threw a party for her in her church fellowship hall.

We pulled out all the bells and whistles for this one, within reason at a church. Mom is usually the person in charge of everything and we had made her speechless. Each of us gave a personal presentation to show her what she meant to us. Her glassy eyes said it all. There are not enough custom art rubber stamps that say "love" in the way we needed to on that day. I need a rubber stamp maker.

If I have these thoughts of labeling the scenes from my own life with personalized rubber stamps in my mind, I can only believe that I am not the only one. I mean, imagine if all of our custom rubber stamp thoughts were stored in the cloud and we could pull the appropriate ones out for each occasion. I think the world would be much more colorful than it already is, and we'd be constantly writing one heck of a story.

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