Visiting a coin collectors convention.
Visiting a coin collectors convention.

To California With Coin Collectors

A few years ago my husband had to take six months off of work because of an injury. Since he had so much free time he picked up a very unexpected hobby — coin collecting.
This past summer we took a trip down to coast to sunny California. I was so excited to visit LA and soak up some sun but our purpose was a coin collectors convention in Long Beach. This is one of the biggest coin collector conventions in the United States and it convenes three times a year.
Coin collecting isn't the sexiest topic but if my husband is excited about something I try to be as supportive as I can possibly be. This coin collecting convention includes coin auctions, appraisals, and lots of activities. My husband was thrilled to go and it was nice to see him around so many other like minded individuals.
Over the course of the three days we spent in Long Beach I grew to really appreciate coin collecting in a way that I never previously thought I could. I learned a lot about the process.
Although I would like to spend more time on Rodeo or maybe at the beach but I did appreciate the coin collectors.
“This is...the biggest coin collector conventions in the U.S.”
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