Several trout fish on a chopping block
Several trout fish on a chopping block

Trout fishing in Minnesota

Fishing is one of America's favorite leisure activities. I can't say it's one of mine, but I've gotten the hang of it. The "waiting game" as like to call it won me over with its tasty results. One of my favorite fish to catch is trout.
Trout fishing is different from other types of fishing. It always puts up a good fight. Other fish do too, but trout has always seemed more aggressive. Trout has never been an endangered species and are abundant in great lakes. I remember catching my first trout. I was with my grandfather in Minnesota. There were so many lakes and so much trout to catch
I couldn't believe how much fish we caught. We had enough to last a lifetime. For a while we ate Trout for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks. It became a staple in my diet.
What I love most about trout fishing that everyone can do it. You don't need a boat or a depth meter to find the fish. They're usually around and ready to be picked up. There are also many types of trout. My favorite being the Rainbow trout. They are easy to point out because of their acrobatic tales. Catching a Rainbow trout is always a surprise.
I have yet to go fishing by myself. I usually bring a family member or a friend. For some reason I don't feel confident enough to hook my own bait. Night crawlers freak me out.
My family has an on going joke that my grandfather still hasn't, "taught a man to fish" because don't hook my own bait. It's something I don't believe I'll ever get over. And I'm okay with that.
“I couldn't believe how much fish we caught. ”
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