If you're looking to get in shape try yoga
If you're looking to get in shape try yoga

Unearthing My Namaste Yoga Videos

A few years back there was a TV series called Namaste Yoga. It was a simple show that would show yoga how to do beginner moves in the comfort of your home.
I would tape these shows for later use at my leisure. I lost motivation somewhere down the line and all my recordings ended up in a box in the basement. But recently I unearthed these tapes and as I dusted them off I was inspired to take up yoga again. I never physically felt better than when I was going consistently.
The last time I left off on my yoga journey I was a beginner moving into the intermediate realm. When I was doing yoga consistently I felt more centered, energized, and slept better. The only reason I stopped was because my schedule progressively became more hectic and I no longer made time in the morning to practice.
But now I'm not making any more excuses. It's simple for me to merely take an hour out of my day for a yoga class to better my health. I've been on track for a week and I feel great.
If you're an older individual and you're looking to improve the overall quality of your health I would suggest yoga.
“...I was inspired to take up yoga again.”
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