A time lapse of the night sky.
A time lapse of the night sky.

Utilizing Time Lapse in Metropolitan Areas

I'm originally from a small town in New Mexico. Living in a remote area made the stars in the night sky very visible and I would often use time lapse on my phone to capture these moments.
I've been in Los Angeles for a few years now and I found myself shying away from using time lapse here. The city is amazing but it's polluted in sound, light, and environment so I can never see the stars. I've recently rejuvenated my love for time lapses through two unlikely subjects — traffic and tail lights.
If there's an abundance of anything in Los Angeles it's traffic. The glowing tail lights in the stand still traffic in LA is the perfect subject of a time lapse because of the movement.
I've also taken advantage of the sunsets from the beach in my time here. I often use my phone for these time lapses because I get very apprehensive about bringing my gear near water.
My reintroduction to the time lapse in a large city has made me have a greater appreciation for the big city landscape and the ability of cameras to capture the bewitching energy of a bustling city. The pictures time lapse produces are awe inspiring.
Time lapse is a simple feature on many cameras and smart phones that new and old users can appreciate equally.
“The pictures time lapse produces are awe inspiring”
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