Fenway Park is one of the most amazing ballparks.
Baseball Parks
Fenway Park is one of the most amazing ballparks.

Visiting Fenway Park, America's Oldest Ballpark, Is a Historical Experience

Inside of Fenway Park. It maintains all of its historical character.

Fenway Park

Opening its doors April 20th of 1912, Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in America. It is home to the Boston Red Sox who are eight-time World Series Champions. After not winning the title from 1918 until 2004, the Curse of the Bambino is said to be the reasoning behind this 86-year-long gap.
A view from outside of Fenway Park.

Outside Fenway Park

This was my first visit to Fenway Park, a memorable game as it was a true rivalry, Red Sox vs. Yankees. It was also Big Papi's last home game against the Yankees. We arrived 2 hours before the gates opened, but were entertained by their historical artifacts outside of the park. 
Carl Yastrzemski statue.


This statue takes me back to 1983, the very moment it is based on. Carl Yastrzemski walked to the plate for the very last time but not before tipping his hat to the fans.
The history of Fenway Park is vast as it dates back to 1912.

The History Inside

Fenway Park is full of history both inside and out. On display you can find historical pieces that impacted not only the Red Sox but also baseball as a whole. Behind the glass you can see bats used by Babe Ruth, balls thrown by Ted Williams and old uniforms worn by several players. They even displayed Military uniforms some of the teammates wore after being called off to war. 
Fans are very vocal when cheering for their team.

The Fans

The fans at Fenway Park are nothing like you've seen before, especially when the Sox are playing the Yankees. Being close proximity to each other, there were many Yankee fans at Fenway Park.
Statue of Red Sox teammates.


This statue earned the title of Teammates as it portrays Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams and Bobby Doerr. These four players carried their friendship beyond their baseball days. 
The intimidating Green Monster.

Green Monster

The Green Monster is a tall, green wall located in left field. It stands over 37 feet tall making it difficult to hit a home run. The first player to defeat it was Hugh Bradley in 1912.
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