Some rocks in Torrey Pines State Park
Some rocks in Torrey Pines State Park

We gave our children a love for the San Diego hiking trails.

When the girls were little, my wife, Claire, and I would take them hiking all over San Diego. We especially loved the Torrey Pines State Park because it had a plethora of trails to explore and discover, which the girls loved.
We started taking the girls when Emma was eight and Jessica was ten. We didn't take them on anything strenuous when they were younger than that. We didn't really see the point in dragging their little legs along. But, when they were older, eight and ten, we figured that would be the perfect time to start building up their endurance for outdoor stuff.
We'd pack backpacks full of water and snacks, extra clothes and socks, and of course emergency supplies like a first aid kid. We had to cover up a few scraps and cuts on our trips.
I'm glad we took the girls hiking. It was always something that Claire and I enjoyed, and it was nice to share that hobby with, & give the love of outdoors to, our children. We even went camping a few times, but the girls didn't care for that much so we decided to ship them to their grandparents when we wanted to go camping. No one likes a complainer!
Claire and I still go regularly. Even when the girls turned into teenagers and wanted nothing to do with us, Claire and I continued on our hiking trail adventures.
It's a wonderful time to commune with nature; to spend quality time with each other without the distractions of social media and overall life. When the weather is nice, we'll go once a week!
“... it was nice to share that hobby with... our children.”
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