Stacey leading the way!
Stacey leading the way!

We had never gone on a canoe camping trip, but my daughter wanted to go!

My daughter, Stacey, decided that for her twelfth birthday last year, that she wanted to do a Daddy-Daughter canoe camping trip. I was so happy that she wanted to spend her birthday with her old man that I almost forgot one little thing--
We've never done both at the same time. We've gone on camping trips and canoe excursions but never a two-in-one kind of deal. That's okay. We had a couple of weeks to plan it out. I did my research because we would be needing to bring camping supplies in the canoe we would rent for a few days. I set up the rental and we double checked our supplies.
It was fun shopping for extra gear; backpacks & special waterproof shoes; even getting fun snacks & food to cook over a fire. I almost forgot waterproof matches, glad I didn't!
One the day, her mother was a bit nervous for us, since she wasn't sure we'd have any cell phone reception (I had bought portable chargers), but I assured her we'd be fine. It was some of the most fun we've ever had together. We packed our canoe with heavy things on the bottom & in the middle of the craft, with lighter objects on top.
We tried to pack light, but supplies and food and water add up! She was such a trouper the whole time; she's such an outdoorsy girl. We spent time fishing and hiking.
She already has grown out of wanting to spend time with her parents in the past year, so I'm so happy we have those memories to look back on for now. I think this year she wants a party.
“It was some of the most fun we've ever had together.”
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