Basil, salmon terrine
Basil, salmon terrine

We went to a dinner party and had terrine for the very first time.

My husband and I recently went to a friends' dinner party. It was over the weekend, we hired a sitter, got dressed up (dress code was cocktail attire), and picked up a really great bottle of Malbec from the grocery store on our way over.
We got there during cocktail hour, so I was glad we picked up a great bottle of wine to contribute! There were several couples we knew there, but also, many that were new to us. While we love our friends, we also enjoy getting to know new people. Sometimes, they aren't so great, but that's kind of the beauty in that exploration, you know?
Everyone brought a little something to pass, whether it was a drink or some sort of appetizer. One new couple, Mark and Julie, who brought the grossest looking thing.
When asked, they explained to the group that it was called "terrine". It looked like a giant loaf of different items. They said it was a basil, salmon loaf. It honestly looked like that olive loaf, minus the olives, that Oscar Mayer sells. My hubby and I snickered at it, but he was brave enough to try the first piece. I almost gagged when he did.
BUT, his expression wasn't one of disgust, he liked it! Despite it's abhorrent appearance, he said it was amazing! Mark and Julie laughed and said they had thought the same thing.
I had a bite of Bill's piece and lo and behold, it was good! I can't believe how much I enjoyed the terrine! Once we had bitten in, the rest of the guests came along for the taste adventure, too.
“Despite it's abhorrent appearance, he said it was amazing!”
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