Hiking pants I own
Hiking pants I own

Wearing hiking pants on an African safari was a great idea.

In college, a few buddies and I went to Africa and while we were there we went on a private safari out of Botswana. It's where I met a lion in person, which was one of the most life-changing experiences I could ever dream of.
Based on suggestions from people who had already traveled to Africa, I packed pretty light for our trip; I packed a few T-shirts, some shorts, a few pairs of hiking shoes and sneakers, and some sweat shirts and long sleeved shirts. The best piece of clothing I brought with me though? Hiking pants. Hiking pants really aren't the most stylish, I get this.
When I lived in San Diego, there were so many places to hike that I bought several kinds of hiking pants. Hiking pants are basically those ugly pants that zip off at the knee.
There are also the types that wick sweat from you; both are great. For this trip, I had the zip off ones, because I knew it could get cold at night in the desert but, obviously, hot during the day. The pants were my savior that way. I get hot so easily and having the convenience of being able to alter my clothes on the spot was genius.
The zip off part was perfect to use as a head scarf to protect my head (by tying the two portions together) before I bought my first safari hat (which I haven't worn since).
If you haven't been on an African safari, I highly recommend it. You won't experience anything like it in your life! Just follow my tip-- get those zip off hiking pants! Game changer!
“The pants were my savior that way.”
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