My father in his classic fishing hat
My father in his classic fishing hat

When fashion meets fishing hats on the runway only one side wins

It's no secret that street fashion has been a huge hit the last few years. Fashion designers all over the world have been taking to the streets to create new trends.
They are now taking to the waterways and hijacking fishermen apparel. Fishing hats have been showing up on runways all over. New York Fashion Week was full of bucket hats and fishing boots. It seemed like a go until it really sank in. Have we really resorted to America's greatest pastime for fashion tips? I guess so.
Men and women's lines from Givenchy to The Row had models sauntering down the runway. I was a little appalled. These were the same hats my dad and grandfather would wear on a typical Saturday to the lake. They weren't much of a big deal and were decently priced. Now fashion has changed the fishing hat forever.
Prices have skyrocket nearly tripling in price. Now that this is a thing buying regular fishing hats for a decent price is a thing of the past. What's next fishing trousers?
I can't wait for this fad to die down so the simplicity of the fishing world can be restored. Until then, you betta werk!
“I was a little appalled.”
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