A standard hiker first aid kit
A standard hiker first aid kit

When you have kids, a hiking first aid kit is essential.

Standard hiking first aid kit.

Hiking first aid kit

When you have children, and you enjoy hiking, a hiking first aid kit is essential! The little ones are always falling or jumping on rocks and scraping their knees, so it's important to have disinfectant and band-aids en mass! Here is a list of my go-to first aid kit items.
Band-aid tough strips


Band-aids should be a number one staple in any first aid kid, but when you're hiking with kids, it's definitely mandatory! I like these tough-strip, waterproof ones, but it's also a great idea to have band-aids in many different sizes. Maybe even some character ones for the little kiddos.
Antiseptic wipes are important.


Individual antiseptic, disinfectant wipes are very important for cleaning a scrap or, god forbid, a cut or wound. Keep a little trash bag in your kit, too, to throw these things away in.
Gauze pads

Gauze pads

I started putting these in our hiking kits when my oldest was seven. We went on a hike up in the Palisades. It was a longer hike, but we had enough water and snacks, so we thought we'd be good. We didn't plan on Henry (my oldest) running ahead and falling down a small tumble of a hill. He had a giant cut up and down his leg. We had wipes and band-aids, but no gauze. Remember gauze. It's sterile for wounds!!
Waterproof tape


Waterproof tape is the second part of the gauze bit. In order to keep the gauze in place, you need tape, so make sure to stock your kit with waterproof tape.
First aid scissors


First aid scissors are important for cutting the tape and/or gauze that you need to use. I prefer ones with an easier grip like these pictured, instead of the plain metal ones.
Insect wipes

Insect wipes

Bugs are a part of nature, so when you're hiking, you're going to get bit and so are the kids. Keep some insect bite wipes handy to help with the itching or pain.
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