The car dealer's home
The car dealer's home

When you make a deal with classic car dealers in Florida, slow your roll

A few months ago I went with a friend on a visit to Florida. This wasn't your average visit. We went to buy a big blue old school car. This by far was my most interesting trip ever.
Before we left, I overheard Henry chatting on the phone with the Florida car dealer. For some reason Henry didn't sound 100% confident with what the guy was saying, but we went anyway. It was that moment I should have spoken up and voiced my concern. When we crossed the Florida state line we stopped for oranges.
Henry made another call to the dealer then we went straight to his house. There the car sat more beautiful than ever. We took it on a test drive around the block. Henry also did a thorough inspection. However, there was something I was still unsure about. To be on the safe side I did an online car check.
I just had to check the cars condition. There seemed to be some issues beyond what the eye could see. I could now sense why Henry sounded so unsure earlier.
The big blue classic had been through an intense hurricane submerged in water. Needless to say, we did not buy the car.
“This wasn't your average visit.”
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