My mom's paint and paint brushes from her sessions
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My mom's paint and paint brushes from her sessions

White Overalls Will Always Remind Me Of My Mother Paining The House

Overalls remind me of two people; farmers and painters. Mostly they remind me of my mother on Saturday mornings. Most kids remember cleaning the house with their mom. We were painting.
My mother would wake up at the crack of dawn and throw on her white overalls to begin painting. I still don't understand why they had to be white overalls, but they were always covered in paint. She paint everything from the walls in the house to canvases she purchased at the local arts and crafts store.
I couldn't wait to see what she had in store each Saturday. My favorite times were when she let us pick out our own colors to paint our rooms. I would always choose a cool color. Not just cool style wise, but cool in the color family. I would love to paint with blues and greens every time I had the chance to choose.
One day my mom had the genius idea for us to paint the walkway leading up to our front door. She really loved having the unique house on the block. We spent all day painting that day.
My mom was always creative and even wore her paint covered overalls out of the house. She walked to the beat of her drum.
“I would always choose a cool color.”
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